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Can we change our luck?

Can we change our luck? The Chinese have a saying that good luck is when talent meets chance. This is when you've truly tapped into the universal flow and essence of yourself. But really, what is luck? It is very common for those who have just embarked on a journey of Feng Shui to believe that Feng Shui has the power to change everything in one’s life. As a magic formula will turn metal into gold, as will placing a few Chinese artifacts around the house enhance a positive energy to ensure goodness, including an enhancement of your own individual luck. Can Feng Shui really do that? As a practitioner of Feng Shui I am constantly being asked this question. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, luck is divided into three dimensions of the universe: Tien (heaven), Ti (earth), Ren (man). Each one of these dimensions takes up a space of 33% leaving only 1% up to universal chance. Understanding the Trinity of Luck is one of the most fundamental aspects in Feng Shui. This Trinity is what Feng Shui is all about.


Heaven Luck We enter this earth with our Heaven luck attached to our consciousness. This is our destiny, or if you wish our own personal and exclusive Karma. It is something that we cannot change. This destiny is who we are and what we are now and will continue with us until the end of our days here on this earth. In other words, it is like a map with ups and downs that has been designed just for us. Man Luck This is the luck that we can create for ourselves. We have been granted the power and the freedom to create our own luck. This type of luck is enforced through the process of learning, gaining knowledge, making preparations, working and performing good deeds. We are completely responsible for this luck. In a sense it is like an open path. We are able to make choices and have the freedom to follow through with those choices. Earth Luck This is the luck when Feng Shui comes into play. It may be one of the most important aspects of the Trinity of Luck. It is one of the most well kept secrets of the ancient Masters of Feng Shui. With this luck Heaven and Earth come together to play an important role on man’s luck. It taps into or connects with the good Chi of the environment. Once a connection is made we are able to soften the negative effects of our Heaven luck. In other words, it forces those periods of negative Heaven luck to enhance and it enriches the positive luck. Now the question is what role does our Man luck play in all of this? According to my dear teacher, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, greeters Feng Shui can be destroyed by Man luck. Dark intentions and bad actions would separate Heaven from Earth, ending only in a mediocre or non-active Feng Shui . So the response to the question:


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