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How to get the help of your Friend and Allies

In Chinese Astrology, the year you were born determines the zodiac animal that rules your sign. In every 12-year cycle there is a different animal sign, and those born in that year are said to have the characteristics and traits that animal portrays.

In the Astrological calendar, due to the twelve year rotational form, there are twelve different animal signs. The rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Every animal sign belongs to one of the four "triangle of affinities". Each of these triangles has three animal signs and they are known as "horoscope allies". Allies are people you get along with very well, they are your major supporters and will help keep obstacles less challenging. Your secret friend is the one who will stick with you through bad and good times and will help you without regard. With their help, good fortune are multiplied and achievements are easily within reach. This friend will be a reliable protector for you to run to whenever you’re in trouble or in need of support. They will never let you down.

You can easily benefit from the luck of friends and allies by displaying images of your affinity allies and friends around you.

One of the beliefs is if your astrological forecast does not have auspicious prediction during a specific year for your sign, you can ‘borrow” some of the luck of friends and allies to help you improve your luck this year and help you rise above the afflictions to your own personal animal.

Your zodiac friends will give you the power and energy to get through these problematic times, as well as excel in your business endeavours.

There is a very ancient Feng Shui formula that shows three situations when you can activate your friend and allies to help in accommodating with your needs.

A) For those zodiacs signs that will be experiencing a bad year, you can activated your aliens and friend to borrow some of their luck.

B) To archive maximum result for those signs of the zodiac that will experience a great year.

C) Those zodiac signs who are seeking for smooth relationships, and improve social life, and business luck.

Each animal of the Chinese zodiac has its own personal direction beneficial to them. Using this direction we can activated their help. First you need to find out the direction of your own personal zodiac signs. I.e. An earth Ox.

You can set up the formula in a regular Tai Chi. This means the whole house or building direction. Using a compass you need to identify the direction of the house according to your astrological animal. If you are an earth OX your direction according to the table below is Northeast 1 (022.5 – 037.5 degrees).

Now if you know which of the elements you belong to, set up in this area an object that belongs to your element (in this example we are using earth) like rock, clay, ceramic objects etc. together with the figures of you zodiac sign, friend and allies.

If you want to use the formula in a small Tai Chi meaning in just one room. With the compass from the center of the room find out the right location to activate your personal direction. Placing your own animal sign together with some of the elements your sign belongs to and the figures of your secret friend and allies.

For those who want to extend the benefit when traveling or being outdoors, an amulet of the secret friend and allies should be left in the area for a period of 7 days to recharge with the “Chi” of the personal direction and then carried with you at all times.


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Traditional/Classical Feng Shui

Traditional or Classical Feng Shui is the art of creating a balanced of environment. This practice of Feng Shui uses the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water to analyze the landscape and building to determine where the most favorable flow of Chi (energy) is located and how to produce new or enhance the existing Chi.  Traditional Feng Shui uses a Lo'pan (Chinese compass) that encloses accurate formulas and complex calculations which are used to correct or enhance the flow of Chi. To accomplish this task, it is imperative for the practitioner to understand the flow of wind and water and their interaction with land and buildings.


When to Use Feng Shui

Experiencing long periods of bad luck. 

Planning to build a property.

Purchasing an existing building, house or office. 

Planning to open a new business. 

Renting a house or apartment. 


Traditional Feng Shui analysis will tell you the best directions and locations to tap into based on your individual group and type of land as well as find a home or renting place that will adjust better with your own personal energy. 

As a Feng Shui practitioner, I will guide you through the process of seating the best flow of Chi in the most important areas of the building. 

I will advise you on the types of energy patterns which exist and are fixed in the property and may create problems. 

Following Traditional Feng Shui principles, I will provide you with the best dates and times to move and for renovations to take place.

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