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New Year's resolutions with some powerful spiritual rituals from around the world

As the New Year approaches, we tend to pause and reflect on various goals we wish to accomplish which often involves attracting more health, money and love into our lives. These are commonly called New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s clarify all these rituals have nothing to do with Traditional Feng Shui, and they are used in many parts of the work to enhance the luck of the new year.

Traditionally we can use the antique ritual of the seven candles, one of the most powerful and simple ritual to purified the space, protect and enhance the qualities of life for the new year. The details behind the rituals that are practiced on that night may vary based on your background, but no matter where you're from, these seemingly have one thing in common — making sure you have a positive year.

One of the simplest rituals that may be done any time of the year whenever you feel you need a burst of good luck in your life, not just for the New Year. It would be a sea salt bath to rid yourself of any negativity.

Sea Salt is a great neutralizer. It takes away negativity, psychic attacks attached to your aura and in some cases even chases away harmful spirits and dark energies. Many cultures and religions even use sea salt in exorcism rituals.

To do it just add two full cups of sea salt to a tub full of water and soak in it as you normally would a regular bath. Stay for 20 minutes in the bathtub and make sure that you submerge yourself completely or at least pour some of the salt water over your head. During those 20 minutes just try you best to visualize all the negativity being transferred into the water

For those who don’t have a bathtub or prefer showers, you can simply stand in the running shower and scrub yourself with Himalayan Salt Cleansing Bars in warm running water.

Once the bath is done, and you will like to enhance a specific aspect of your life for the new year and draw some good vibes into your life, one simple drawing ritual is to light a blue candle that represents Meditation, Healing, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Fidelity, Happiness, and opening lines of Communication. You can choice the color of the candle according to your need, Gold for general good luck, Pink for love, Yellow will help with success and advances, and Green brings financial gains.

In China its customarily, families give their homes a thorough cleaning in the days leading up to New Year Day. Windows are scrubbed, floors are swept, and furniture is dusted in preparation for the new year, sweeping away the bad luck of the past year. In addition, dusting is avoided on New Year’s Day, for fear that good fortune will be swept away.

Good Fortune Fruit

Pineapples as omen of financial gain The Hokkien culture (Southern China, Taiwan, Singapore, and certain overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia.) word for pineapple is ong lai, which also sounds like words meaning “incoming fortune.” In Singapore, people roll a pineapple into the home on the new year (and a new house), hoping good fortune will roll in with it.

Tangerines and Oranges

These are selected as they are particularly round and "golden" in color, symbolizing fullness and wealth. Eating and displaying tangerines and oranges is believed to bring good luck and fortune due to their pronunciation, and even writing.

In some South American countries at midnight, people go out and take 12 coins with them and standing with their backs to the street, throw the coins behind, believing that this will bring them lots of financial gains in the new year.

Champagne baths

Champagne is often associated with luxury and immense wealth. Also, its gold color is a symbol of the metal gold and the prosperity associated with. You simply stand under warm running water and pour the champagne over your head while concentrating on your desire for luck and wealth.

No matter which good luck ritual you’re following this New Years; above all have fun and be safe on New Year’s Eve. And here’s to a happy, prosperous, and lucky new year!

Deep Home Cleansing Ritual

The new year is about to start which brings an appropriate time to get ride of the old and refresh our space for a new beginning of the old and stagnated energy for a whole past year.

Accumulated old energy contributes to lots disturbances in health, relationships and can even lead to conflict among family members. Living in such situations will lead to more anxiety and stress. It can block your dreams, diminish your possibilities to advance in the fresh new year.

Even so like yin and yang negative and positive energies will always exist, the idea is to dismiss some of the negative, so we can have a clear more positive space

Through a simple ritual of sound and fire we can clean, purify, raise or uplift the energy into your space immediately, raising the vibration level.

Here is how you conduct this ritual

For this ritual you need: a singing bowl or a metal bell, sea salt, and a buddle of sage .

1. Get into your closets, garage etc., and start clearing out anything that you feel clutters up your home's energy. Dispose of anything you feel you won’t need or don’t have any special feelings for you; throw out what you feel will not be useful to you next year.

2. On a white dish add a few spoons of sea salt and set up the dish on the floor in the center of your home.

3. With the signing bowl /metal bell star producing the sound from the back of your house or room toward the front door, concentrating on corners of the room.

4. Open a door or window

5. Start burning the sage moving the smoke in corners, inside closets and hidden spaces. Walk slowly around your home, swirling the smoke in circular motions, concentrating on the walls, corners walk slowly around your home, swirling the smoke in circular motions, concentrating on the corners, at this point you can say positive affirmations / or pray according to your personal believe.

6. After cleansing, pick up the dish with salt put it into a paper bag and dispose it on a garbage outside your home.

7. To end the ritual you can burn some sandalwood incense for purification.

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